Co_creation a la LYNDSEY


Oil on acrylic on photoshop collage on canvas (No worries, it’s archival! ;) )

Ghettomorphosis, n. = the word landed in my gut while working with kids some might call >at risk< in a neighborhood some might call a >ghetto<. Letting go of that language and the hierarchy of hand-outs, they became my teachers as i woke up to the shadow & light evident in each of us and in each situation. Replacing judgement with curiosity: nobody criticizes a cocoon. Nobody has to tell a caterpillar how to sprout its own wings.  To me, Ghettomorphosis means accepting and loving the shadowiest places in ourselves and our world back into vibrant interconnection — celebrating our wholeness, while it’s still becoming. Trusting process.  I gave myself the assignment of crafting a ‘visual sentence’ that could describe this concept. Here’s what I came up with.

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About me
Educated as a painter, learning as a yogi, and playful as a baby monkey: I am a willing human being __ emphasis on the Be. I am traveling-learning, designing projects to feed my inquiries while attracting adventures and connecting with tribes that grace my journey with experiential wisdom in creative healing and joyful sustainability. My passions are catalyzing radically simple + beautiful + fun intentional community, sparking spontaneous collaborative singing and dancing, acroyoga, permaculture, and loving children.