Co_creation a la LYNDSEY


The great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-etc granddaughter of Nefertiti, eager to keep up the family heritage by encouraging a societal shift from the political-material to the spiritual.  Trusting the process though it ain’t always pretty… it’s worthwhile to molt thoroughly, and sometimes you have to tear it down to build it up.  Never tidy, always interesting.

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About me
Educated as a painter, learning as a yogi, and playful as a baby monkey: I am a willing human being __ emphasis on the Be. I am traveling-learning, designing projects to feed my inquiries while attracting adventures and connecting with tribes that grace my journey with experiential wisdom in creative healing and joyful sustainability. My passions are catalyzing radically simple + beautiful + fun intentional community, sparking spontaneous collaborative singing and dancing, acroyoga, permaculture, and loving children.