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Power Femme

In time for the Ace Me show at RAC, I painted a coven of my beloved Protectresses……..women whose particular humanity gifted the world with a way of being I aspire to.  Mythological, historical, fictional. . . . power ladies!!! Kali Ma, Artemesia Gentleschi, Veronica Franco, Martha Graham, Venus of Willendorf, Hildegaard de Bingen, Eleanor Roosevelt and Helen Keller, Jane Addams, Sojourner Truth, a few random google-image-search Animation Dominitrixes (healing/flipping my karmic remembrance of  pillory punishment of yore), Amma, Wangari Maathi, Teresa de Avila, Peace Pilgrim,  Harriet Tubman, Julia Butterfly Hill, Laksmi (not pictured), and the White Tara.  These women represent and stand guard in my minds’ eye over the sacred feminine energy of nurturing, intuitive, wily, wise, brave, visionary Divine Mother that is on its way back into powerful balance in our world.  I felt so restful and engaged painting these tiny retablos, often tuned in to a Ted-talk or otherwise edifying podcast — such as the inspiring Joanna Macy or amazing talent Anna Deavere Smith.  It’s been so fun to ‘match’ them to my beloved real life heroines, as pictured here — Micah’s mama, the lovely Ms. Pamula Beck, came over for dinner and the Venus of Willendorf practically jumped into her hands. ;0)

I have been starting to make them for friends and customers by request and loving learning about wonderful women I’d never heard of before. Marguerite Porete and Kuan Yin on deck — & orders for the holidays or your altar face-lift are oh-so welcome.  Kelsey LaPoint gifted me with a large stack of really sturdy scrap metal (with lovely rust patterns to paint into) that is now steadily dwindling — so if anyone has the line on some beautiful metal circles, let a sister know!

OH. We are fertile, ripe for transformation and healing . . . .

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Educated as a painter, learning as a yogi, and playful as a baby monkey: I am a willing human being __ emphasis on the Be. I am traveling-learning, designing projects to feed my inquiries while attracting adventures and connecting with tribes that grace my journey with experiential wisdom in creative healing and joyful sustainability. My passions are catalyzing radically simple + beautiful + fun intentional community, sparking spontaneous collaborative singing and dancing, acroyoga, permaculture, and loving children.