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“Supernatural Style Shop” Makes a Move

Dear studio of the Perfect Echoes,


I remember the first night I slept in you and a bat circled my head.  Baby dragon!

I remember the night of the earthquake tremors. . . .

I love your windows that glimpse river, and the steady sun from sun-up to sundown.

I love your sunsets, perfectly framed red-golden that would blind my eyes if I was sitting at the computer to make me put down the typing and adios the day proper.

Making believe. Playing pretend.  Dancing awake new characters less afraid of reality than I was.  Wielding brushes for an encroaching circle of partially started paintings. Skipping and skateboarding the floors of concrete.  Hide and seek with song.  Torrential rainstorms on the roof. Wrapping my bravery around me like a blanket to ward off dark.

I am ready to release you, and the way of seeing I practiced inside you.  Not because I don’t love you and have a lifetime of imaginations in the ecovillage Is Co, not because your strange circus dreams don’t still line my heart…. It’s just time.  Nature ~ or mysteries in her direction ~ beckon.

It is. We are. Long live the Supernatural Style Shop!


(Retired) Nevertidy

ART STUDIO MOVING SALE ++++++++++ SATURDAY APRIL 23, 10am-3pm +++++++ Inside the old Lemp brewery ~ 3500 Lemp Avenue

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = == = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = == = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

We got functional and fantastical, we got price-is-right and Free-as-can-be!


As In:

Furniturey: glitter couch & recliner, industrial shelving unit, chairs, tables

Kitcheny : Small fridge, microwave, hotplate, countertop

Officey: file cabinets, bulletin board, organizers

Buildy: random lumber & cool pieces of metal

Costumey: vintage and scrap material

Random art supplies: craft paint, collage, creative clutter

& assorted oddball detritus…. Bones, trinkets, a Shopping cart, traffic cones, security mirror, burn bowl, coffin lid, etcetera….

Everything priced to walk out the door plus a happy Freebox.

Love donations accepted to defray medical costs.

Directions : From the corner of Cherokee Street and Lemp Avenue, head south on Lemp. Turn left (east) into the parking lot and head straight til you can go no further. At the dumpster, turn left.  Shortly you will see a  right turn inlet – park near there and the door is on the right (will be marked).  Door must stay locked and studio is hard to find, so come on the hour and I will escort you up.

For questions, call 217 898 3777.

5 Responses to “Supernatural Style Shop” Makes a Move

  1. john Schnellmann says:

    interested in the wood and metal, but can’t get there till Sunday around noon. is that OK?

    • lyndsey says:

      Hey John – just saw this comment. Best way to get ahold of me is phone or email. I’ll be doing the last clean-up Wednesday from 5p-8p if you can make it then?? 217 898 3777. Peace!

  2. JR says:

    Part of you in away I never understood til now. Thank you good bye for showing me another part of my beloved’s ness.

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