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The Flow Show

Rattling around in the archives getting ready for a new video project, I unearthed a wobbly, slow-mo, introspective video doc of an installation I created with Holla Otter (Holly Lammert) — a watery, weird, memory-laden safe haven inside Dana Smith’s City Art Supply, April 2009.  It was the way I processed my experience as a woman-child on Cherokee Street at that time, feeling not so at home in a man’s world – - healing from violent sexual assault, angry at politicized resistance to a public plaza project, waking up to a different way.  An intuitve hideout/timeout in a world that don’t make no sense.

Sound: “Biography” by Merideth Monk

Text from show invitation:

well come to the FLOW show: 4/4 @ 4pm-6pm, during the Cherokee Street OPEN HOUSE

Come meet moving Water and a real live River-Murmur : New work by Holly G and Lyndsey Scott:

Paintings, drawings, fabric, and concept: Considering the way water moves, the way rivers thrive, the way humans can take note and take part in nature’s ease and abundance. Indigo gleam surrender.

For grown ups too but Especially: Calling all little mermaids and little mermen, come as your favorite underwater being!

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Educated as a painter, learning as a yogi, and playful as a baby monkey: I am a willing human being __ emphasis on the Be. I am traveling-learning, designing projects to feed my inquiries while attracting adventures and connecting with tribes that grace my journey with experiential wisdom in creative healing and joyful sustainability. My passions are catalyzing radically simple + beautiful + fun intentional community, sparking spontaneous collaborative singing and dancing, acroyoga, permaculture, and loving children.